Succulent Plant Assorted 4" Monadenium Guenteri

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Succulents are the plants that have ability to store water in their tissues and do not belong to any particular family. For example, cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Flowers and foliage of succulents diversify, but the general care is similar to all.

  • Light : Bright light to full sun. Turn succulents a quarter at every watering to promote even growth. Direct sun will prevent stretchy, etoliated growth in most species.
  • Water : While actively growing, allow the top half of the potting mix to become dry in between watering. While the plants are dormant, they should be allowed to get even drier before watering. Water them just enough to keep them from shriveling. Use of a moisture meter is highly recommended for large plants. These plants must never be permitted to stand in water after saturation. Waterlogged soil will quickly lead to rotting of the roots. Do not splash water on the leaves. Species that are easily marked by water should be bottom watered.
  • Temperature : 18-30 °C/65-85 °F during the growing season (summer.) During their dormant season (winter,) 7-12 °C/45-55°F is preferred, but not essential if the plants are not over watered.

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