Gaultheria Wintergreen 2" Assorted

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Wintergreen is a common groundcover plant in the northern tier of the United States and much of Canada. Its leaves are dark green and waxy, and the plants produce a red berry (also known as teaberry) that is perfectly safe to eat. Creeping wintergreens are widely distributed in woodland and open, moist rocky spaces. The leaves have a strong fragrance of wintergreen when crushed. In summer, these plants produce urn-shaped white flowers.



  • LIGHT: Bright light, suitable for woodland plantings, gaultherias can also be grown in a rock garden or heather garden, or as a groundcover on a moist, shady hillside.
  • WATERING: Soil should be kept moist but not soggy, allow the top third of the soil to become slightly dry before soaking thoroughly.
  • TEMPERATURE: Cold hardiness Zones 2a-8.



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