Flamingo Plant 6" Laceleaf

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With glossy green leaves and rich red blooms, Flamingo plant (Anthurium) is one of the most stunning plants to grow indoors. The narrow, leathery leaves are about 8 inches long and quite variable in shape. Numerous horticultural varieties of Anthurium provide a choice of color in spathes. Some are scarlet; others are rose, yellow, or white.


  • LIGHT: Bright light, out of hot direct sun.
  • WATER: Water thoroughly with lukewarm water, and do not allow to sit in water.  Keep potting mix lightly moist when blooming, about half the potting mix should be dry between watering when dormant.  Do not splash water, or water from the bottom to prevent spotting on the flowers.  Avoid very hard water, and remove any crusty build up on pots and saucers.
  • TEMPERATURE:  Minimum temperatures of 18°C.  These plants require higher humidity in higher temperatures.  Double potting, with a layer of sphagnum moss between the pots, pebble trays, grouping plants together and humidifiers provide extra humidity.  Avoid wetting flowers if misting.  Good air circulation is essential in high humidity and high temperatures.

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