Fern Plumosa 4" Pot

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  • LIGHT: Most ferns thrive in filtered light or shady sites outside. But without adequate light, no fern will prosper indoors. Tropical ferns actually grow best indoors in medium light such as what you'd find in an east facing window or a few feet from a west or south facing window.


  • WATER: You'll find that new ferns come with care tags suggesting they need to be kept evenly moist. That means the soil should never be allowed to get very dry; it doesn't mean it should always stay wet. It's important to water ferns thoroughly whenever you water. Don't just dribble a little water on top of the soil from time to time. Use room temperature or lukewarm water; cold water can damage tropical roots. If at all possible, avoid using softened water. Its repeated use will result in an accumulation of salts in the soil, which eventually injures the plant's roots. Water until excess moisture begins to drip through the container's drain holes, then spill out whatever remains in the tray or saucer after a few minutes. Wait to water again until the soil surface begins to feel dry to the touch. It's a mistake to water before that; soggy soil encourages root rots.


  • TEMPERATURE: Most ferns like an average room temperature of 18°C to 24°C  during the day, up to 10 degrees cooler at night.
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