Boston Fern 4" Pot

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This popular fern grows from 10-12” up to 3’ or more, depending on the cultivar.  ‘Bostoniensis’ has arching fronds up to 3’ long that cascade on all sides.  ‘Compacta’ has 15-18” fronds.  ‘Childsii’ grows to 10-12” with overlapping curling leaflets.  ‘Fluffy Ruffles’ has stiff, densely leafed upright fronds; ‘Verona’ has lacy drooping fronds.  ‘Fluffy Duffy’ is very fringed and compact.



  • LIGHT: Bright indirect light out of hot direct sun.


  • WATER:  Keep soil moist at all times.  Water thoroughly with lukewarm water, and drain saucers.  Do not allow to sit in water after saturation.  Ferns grown in hanging baskets must be checked for water every few days.  A root bound plant, suspended near the ceiling in a warm room will dry out very quickly.  If allowed to dry out completely, severe and permanent damage may occur.  Revive dehydrated plants by submerging the pot in warm water until all of the air has bubbled out, lightly wet the foliage and allow the plant to drain out of direct sun.  Most ferns will recover within a few hours.  If the plant has not revived overnight, the damage may be permanent.Submerging the pot in water regularly is the best way to keep the soil moist enough for a very root bound fern, but is not a substitute for repotting. When maximum convenient pot size has been reached, gently loosen the root ball and replenish the soil with fresh potting mix.  Root bound ferns require more thorough and frequent watering. Pale, bleached fronds usually indicate that the fern is in too much light, too dry, or both.


  • TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY: Average to cool room temperatures, 15-21°Cduring the day, and about 5°C cooler at night. Ferns can tolerate lower humidity in cooler temperatures.


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